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Welcome to Mobile Hospital Charity Fundrising!

Participating in HelpToUkraine movement  we - Maxim Parubets and Yehor Panchenko - are collecting funds to get the Field Hospital equipment and set of Pharmacy.

The Reserve Funds  for Immediate "Zero-Time" Field Hospital Procurement.

We solve the very critical problem - the battlefield hospital supply: immediate purchase of all the necessary surgery tools asap it is in need of. 

Question of life and death leaves no time to lead the fundraising companies. While each and every minute is more than Life valuable. We buy medicine and tools immediately after the doctor`s calling. 

All the results can be found here.

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Donated to Fund

I am
Maxim Parubets

Hi! I am orthopedist and traumatologist with more then 9 years working experience. Nowadays I am part of Field Medicine group. Also do volunteer activity by collecting Charity funds.


I am
Yehor Panchenko

Hi! I'm bike coach, bike professional and volunteer. Before I got some successful volunteer`s and charity projects. Now together with Maxim Parubets pushing Mobile Hospital Charity Fund.



Almost all previous field hospitals were bombed by Russian troops, and many vital equipment was lost. Now we are trying to restore operations, but it takes time and money. Today the hospital is very lacking of surgical equipment and complex medical tools. Right now Hospital needs computed tomography scanner. Goverment can`t act promptly and your money can save thousands of lives. 

What is done for today 

Check what is already provided for Field Hospital by out team. All the equipment will be a property of Government and hospital with Maxim will do everything to make it work.

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